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About Hearing Aid Batteries

The majority of hearing aid batteries are the Zinc Air type. These are much more efficient than previous mercury and silver batteries offering longer battery life and clearer hearing with your hearing aid.

How Do They Work?

Zinc Air batteries use the air outside the battery as a source of power. The batteries come with a peel-off tab which seals the air holes until the battery is needed. Once the tab is removed, air enters the battery and activates the ingredients inside. After waiting a minute, the battery can be inserted into the hearing aid.

How Long Will They Last?

Battery life depends upon the type of hearing aid and how long it is worn for. Once the tab has been removed from the battery it cannot be replaced – it will not extend the battery life – so it is important not to remove the tab until you are ready to use the battery.

How To Store Batteries

Hearing aid batteries should be stored at room temperature – heat will shorten a battery's life and refrigeration is not recommended. You should not carry batteries around loose in your purse, pockets or bag as metal objects such as coins or keys can short out the battery. Batteries should be kept out of the reach of babies, infants and children at all times. If a battery is swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. Discard used batteries carefully.

What Size Battery Do I Need?

Refer to the documentation that came with your hearing aid to determine which battery size is right for your aid, or consult your hearing care professional. Battery sizes are standardised across the industry, although manufacturers may name their products differently. Most manufacturers use the industry-standard colour code which can usually be found on battery tabs and packaging.
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How to Care for your Hearing Aid Batteries

  • Keep batteries in their protective pack.
  • Store batteries at room temperature—never in the refrigerator.
  • Don't remove the color-coded tabs until you're ready to use the battery.
  • Don't carry batteries loose in your pocket or let them come into contact with metal objects.
  • Don't dispose of batteries in fire.
  • Don't try to recharge batteries.
  • When your hearing aid is not in use, open the door to the battery compartment. This minimizes battery drain and helps prevent moisture build-up.
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